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2009-12-10 16:38:39 by B7ackKat

Hehe, It's meh B7ack Kat! And I've been working on meh account. I started this account to be a part of the community on New Grounds, but now imma make flashes the best i can so i can be a part of the fun. I still am missing a dang program for meh flash to be put together, but everything else is square . . . its just a matter of time! anyway feel free to give meh any pointers or info on some cheap programs for flash in the budget of like free to like $0.00 and I'de be greatful.

Waiting for some help,

B7ack Kat



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2009-12-12 20:17:01

One again, I say, maybe you can try Pencil.

B7ackKat responds:

I'll give it a go thanks.